Rural To Ramp Handcraft Showcase

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The NGO Mustard Seed Africa managed the fifth edition of "From rural to ramp Handcraft" an initiative which liaise relevant international designers with rural communities with the main goal of promoting the development of that specially affected areas by using job creation and through a platform where handcraft is showcased on the ramp incorporating performance, folk, dance, tales and music...a brand new sensitive experience!.

That showcase gives the opportunity to watch the best of the local design and handcraft, made with a different raw materials as clay, paper, wood, wicker, tetra pack!, etc. Also we are talking about recycled and recyclable material so the idea of a sustainable business is respected during the whole life cycle of the product. The final result is absolutely amazing, they can't have professional models or specialist in that kind of events but they can makes you cry with the clothes, accessories and jewelry because of the passion of each and every one of them put in every little detail of the show.

Ben Harper - With my own two hands
Simphiwe Dana - Vukani



Lastet opp av  6. des. 2011

A highlight of the Mustard Seed Africa "Rural to Ramp" Handcraft Showcase held on 26 November, 2011. A collaboration between designers and handcraft artisans to promote product development and design. Showcasing African talent! 

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